MAGNETOID is a super­fast endless runner powered by magnetism with retro pixel graphics. It is a mobile game made for smartphones and available for free at Google Play. Press · Fettspielen “Schließlich kann man solche in-Game-Ansagen wie “You tap like a cow!” doch nicht auf sich sitzen lassen.” · Playandroid …



Theseus is an experimental game done with friends at the Global Game Jam 2014. The theme was “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” If everybody sees the world differently how can people agree on something? How can we get somebody to see the …



Akitã from Guido G on Vimeo. A small commercial like video for a graduation project in product design at UFPR. The project …

bigger rings spawning of smaller rings

Collaborative Online-Communities

A study of current practice – Proposal of the Bachelor examination – Internet communities have a growing influence on society. Since the beginning …


Factory Black

The game is a result of a bachelor Thesis done in 2013. The digital prototype was made within 2 weeks. The idea …


Blue Sky

This is a Video for a final thesis presentation at UFPR back in 2010. I animated the video and helped to plan …


Voodoo – break the spell

Voodoo is small conceptual game which was produced within 48 Hours on the Global Game Jam 2013. Story After a long and …



Complete corporate design work for a company that works in the area of solar energy and energy saving solutions. This included a …


Dog skull

The images above are part of a commisioned work for a workshop about veterinary Osteopathy. A medical field quite undiscovered for animals. …


Medical illustration (human)

Commissioned medical illustration for a detailed view of some human inner body parts. These illustrations were done for a lecture in USA.