Borthers Grimm 3.0


Enhanced Books are an upcoming media due to the rise of various hendhelds like the tablet pcs and e-book readers. In this iniversity project we had the task to enhance one of the brothers Grimm Story and create an App for the IPad.


To enhance the experience of a story we have to consider the context. What type of story do we have? Who is the user? In what situation is it read? Considering this we can enhance the experience of the story.


There are two different scenarios possible depending which user is reading the story. The first situation would be a kid that can read and is allowed to use the iPad on its own. To enhance the experience the reader can interact with the story. The reader can change parts of the story or can experience the adventures through mini games. Illustrations and sound act as a support or surprising element for the imagination. The second possible situation would be the story teller. The storyteller, most of the time a parent, is reading out loud for one or more children. He is now the entertainer and is responsible of animating the story. For the story teller the interaction with the audience is more important than the interaction with the story. For him we want to provide tools to enhance his powers as a story teller. He can switch into the characters or play sounds in the right moment. scary storie


Guido Göbbels || Katrin Kläser || Volker Zerbe || Carmen Johann || Patrick Feldt

Professor: Björn Bartholdy