The Task

Task of this project was to design something with the innovative controller of the Nintendo Wii. But why should a designer show interest in computer games or their devices?

The game industry is one of the biggest in the the entertainment branch. Games like Halo 3 had record sales with over 170 million dollar in the first 24 hours. Nintendo’s Wii is the leading game console and outnumbers its next competitor two to one. These are some of the reasons to take some interest as a designer in a game console.


We wanted to take use of the special features of the Wii Controller. Next to the mere normal buttons the controller is equipped with a camera and acceleration sensors. This way it is possible to track the users movements and include them into the game. This way of interaction took a mayor role in planning our concept. In addition it should be possible for multiple users to play at the same time.


This more or less abstract concept was realized as an Wii artist studio. On the digital canvas the artist can use the different and sometimes most unusual tools like:

  • brush
  • graffiti-gun
  • paint-hose
  • bugs
  • chainsaw
  • light


My task was to code the application of the paint-hose. It was difficult to simulate the random splattering of the paint and drips running down the canvas. But I could archive it by recursive programming and some clever random functions.

An early version of the hose tool



The presentation took place on a big stage and was well performed except a small malfunction at the beginning. The spectators had the chance to test the game at the end of the show. This way we could get valuable insight concerning the interface and gameplay.

control presentation from Guido G on Vimeo.