Maya – 39Steps

Maya – 39 Steps is a graphic novel game. This game was developed during the non linear adaption project at the cologne game lab. It is a loose adaptation of the novel The 39Steps by John Buchan from 1915.

DOWNLOAD – working Beta Version for MAC and PC


2012 the Mayan Calender, one of the most exact calender will stop. Richard McBuchan, an assistant Archeologist, surprises late at night a burglar in the museum. The object of desire for the burglar is a mayan artefact which might be the key to continue the calender. To save the world Richard has to solve the puzzle of the calender.

game design & story : Linda Kruse (CGL), Guido Göbbels (KISD)
grafics: Guido Göbbels (KISD)
dialogs: Linda Kruse (CGL)
spanish: Kuai Shen (CGL)
code & sound: Linda Kruse (CGL), Kuai Shen (CGL), Guido Göbbels (KISD)

supervised by: Martin Ganteföhr, Prof. Gundolf S. Freymuth, Prof. Björn Bartholdy

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