Salone Satellite Milano

Design beyond Furniture

The KISD was invited to exhibit on the SaloneSatellite on the occasion of the furniture fair in Milan. We had to develop a new concept for the stand and afterwards build it at the fair. We managed to realize the project in a really short time because of good planning an a dedicated team. The concept contained the following parts: Visual Impression A striking visual impression achieved by a hard contrast of pure black and white.


“Design beyond Furniture” was the smart and somehow shocking claim. Its statement was that design is more than just furniture and contains a variety of aspects. This diversity is one of the strongest features of KISD.


An optical illusion on the walls didn’t just push the visual borders of the stand but metaphorically the borders within design too. The black lines on the wall created a virtual space and dissolved the small room into a bigger one. Sinking Furnitures Diagonally cut furniture created the impression as if they would be sinking into the ground. Again a symbol like the OP-Art to step into another dimension. Projection A light projection synchronized with the OP-Art strengthened the illusion and animated the stand in a subtle way.


As a gift we had a small ready made package containing 3-D glasses and three postcards with anaglyph motives. As a special offer visitors could get a 3D Portrait of themselves which we made and printed on the stand.


On three big LCD screens we showed different projects from students to show the diversity of KISD. All different spots were wrapped with a matching visual concept, containing intro, outro, lower third and interstitials.

Kisd – Design Beyond Furniture from Giorgio Uboldi on Vimeo.


All Students had matching T-Shits so that visitors could recognize them as a contact person. Finally, after five weeks of planning and one and a half day of constructing the stand was finished. The big screens and the unusual design attracted many visitors. A really popular Give Away was a stereoscopic photo with a set of 3D glasses. The photo was taken with a DIY 3D camera and printed on location. Often the visitors were amazed by the 3D effect.