The Tale of Archy

This game was created during, and a bit after, the global game jam 2012 in 48 hours. Archy is an old alchemist which, after years of work, managed to finally find the Philosopher’s Stone. However, owning such a powerful artifact drew the attention of all the gods from every mythology. From Anubis to Ganesha, all of them became really pissed. “How come a normal human achieve this tremendous power of the immortality? We shall not leave this situation like this. This tiny man must die”. Soon, Archy discovered that the Gods joined forces to put an end to his life, and now he needs to find a solution for this problem: how to drive away the attention of the mighty Gods from him? The only solution can be the awesome, powerful, ancient artifact: “THE FRISBEE OF ANUBIS”

  • Siethu Zawlwin : Programmer and Unity Wizard
  • Pablo López Soriano : Modeling and Conquerer of Blender
  • Bolivar Escobar : Textures, Sounds and Teller of Tales
  • Volker Zerbe : Graphics, Objects and Wanderer of the Planes
  • Guido Göbbels : Character Design, Animations, Level and Wielder of the Stylus