Theseus is an experimental game done with friends at the Global Game Jam 2014. The theme was “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”

If everybody sees the world differently how can people agree on something? How can we get somebody to see the world as we see it? Basically through communication. It’s the key element in this cooperative game for two players.


Two players share the same game character in the same world. The character needs to escape a maze by solving hidden riddles.

One player perceives the world digitally via the Oculus Rift. He can see and interact. The other player perceives the world through analog means like printed cards with hints for the riddles and drawing the map of the maze as the digital player navigates it. The analogue player is the guide and the one with the knowledge. Any of them see what the other sees, so they need to describe how their different worlds and items look like.

Find the early version of the game cross-platform in the alternative link at the Theseus’ Official GGJ Site.


Alice Horstmeier [Design, 2D art] Rebecca Nöll [Design, 2D art] Guido Göbbles [Game design, sound fx] Simon Herfert [Game design] Ilja Burzev [3D art] Volker Zerbe [Game design, 3D art] Pablo López Soriano [3D art] Rodrigo Núñez Rattia [Code, Unity] Roman Jungblut [Music]