Long Night of the Museums

The Long Night of the Museums is a yearly event in cologne. Museums and Galleries are open for one night mostly with a special program on this occasion. With the claim “ Design beyond Furniture” KISD took part and made an exhebition.


The Concept

We refined the concept of the successful exhibition at SaloneSatellite. The Claim, OP-Art and the sinking furnitures underlined the idea to take design into another dimension.

The visitors weren’t just surprised by the unusual appearance but also by the variety of the exhibited projects. Some of them like Headtracking and Ferrofluid were specially made for this event.


The exhibition

This time we took more use of the 3D glasses and at many parts the visitor could interact with the exhibition.

The visitor had the possibility to to make a 3D Photo of himself as a memento. In addition to the Photos we used the 3D technique during the video-presentation, at a virtual walkabout through cologne during the roman age and the headtracking project.



The headtracking project was an installation where the visitor could get a glimpse into virtual reality. With the aid of special 3D glasses the computer could measure the heads position of the user. With this data the computer adjusts the picture of the screen fitting to the viewpoint. Amplified by the anaglyph glasses the visitor had the feeling of looking into a room behind the screen rather than looking on a flat surface.


Social Program

In addition to the exhibition a big social program was offered. Fancy food and refreshments like candy floss coated chicken on a stick or cocktails out of test tubes were served. 2 DJ created a nice atmosphere for the whole night.

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